Why You Need A LinkedIn Profile?

Social networking has become an integral part of all of our lives. Whether or not you are active on Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus, you’ve certainly heard about these networks and are aware of how large their influence has become. However, there is a tendency for career professionals to underestimate the utility of having a networking presence. We tend to feel that Facebook is meant only for younger people, and Twitter for celebrities. Perhaps the biggest obstacles are the time demand of establishing and maintaining an online presence, and feelings that it just is not important.

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LinkedIn represents a major change in the way that social networking impacts the lives and careers of professionals. Think of it as similar to Facebook, but intended for career-minded people. With more than 200 million registered users today, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for establishing your online identity and improving your network. Because LinkedIn® is Internet based, it has a global reach to over 200 countries. This means you can extend your network coverage as well

As Important As Your Resume

The network has become the leading tool for recruitment firms, as your LinkedIn profile, if set up correctly, contains the same information as your resume. Users have the option to allow contacts by telephone or only by email to control contact traffic. Each profile has an associated skill set, which allows headhunters to accurately target the correct candidates. For those applying for jobs, internal HR officers are increasingly using LinkedIn® as a screening tool to determine which candidates qualify for initial interviews or even for callbacks for second interviews. LinkedIn has become an unequalled virtual marketplace for local and global talent.

Active job searches are supported as well with a posting feature on LinkedIn. Companies can post open positions, which immediately become available to registered users. Applying through LinkedIn is very simple. Community support is bolstered by the Answers section of the website. Users can post questions here and solicit answers and advice from the vast membership of LinkedIn. After a recent redesign of the website, a revised front page from LinkedIn® provides business-related news articles for your perusal.

The key to LinkedIn’s success is the Contacts feature. Once your profile is in place, you begin to build up your virtual network by inviting people who you know personally and whom you feel are valuable career contacts. After they have accepted your initial contact request, you can then see to whom they are connected, and can request introductions to those contacts as well. This web of connections can grow very quickly, gaining you access to important people and information.

The information age is here, and LinkedIn is providing access to professionals worldwide. With free basic membership, its time to join in and build your network on the leading professional portal.

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